Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Bing Webmaster Central - Broken?

Having very strange issues with Bing Webmaster Central today.

Some of my sites are reported as failing authentication even though they were previously via the XML file and I have checked that the authentication files are still in place and crawlable.

On another site http://www.lostandfoundpets.ie, I can not view any information on the status screeen - just seeing N/A for date last crawled, number of pages indexed etc, even though I could previously view values for these bits of information. No errors displayed under the errors section and no indication that the site has been blocked.

Furthermore it seems that the site has dropped from the SERPs though it had quite a prominent position for my main keywords just a couple of days ago.

Anyone else seeing behaviour like this. Left a message on the community forum but no response so far..

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