Saturday, May 16, 2009

.htaccess and PHP4 Vs. PHP5 on Blacknight Shared Hosting

Ah, another weekend and another foray into troubleshooting issues with my recently acquired Blacknight hosting. For the past few weeks I had been using PHP4 but decided today that I should really move to PHP5 for my new personal project.

After some head scratching, it seems that I can not override the display_errors setting in the pho.ini file for PHP5 which by default is set to Off via the .htaccess file though I can do this for PHP4. However, I can override it by using ini_set() within my scripts.

This information might come in handy for some other poor soul wondering why they were getting blank screens. I will have to investigate at some point what options I have for overriding other settings as it is nice to keep all these things centralised.

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